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  Alberto Gallazzi
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Please contact Diego Core on
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The following courses will help you prepare for your TACFIT® Certification:

•    TACFIT 26


To receive your certification you must successfully demonstrate:
•    Physical competency at Delta level in each of the 26 Programs
•    Physical competency in performing each of the techniques in the system at all levels.
•    Coaching competency (space, time, tools, techniques, points) in administering each of the specific protocols in the 26 Program Array

“First In – Last Standing” Murphy-Proof Your Metabolic Conditioning Tactical-Specific Physical Training

  • Tired of endless pushups and situps which get you nowhere fast?
  • Want the toughest array of tactically specific physical courses in the industry?
  • Fed up with endless niggling injuries from over-training generic motions?
  • Want to share the most intelligently designed progressive resistance system in fitness?
  • Exhausted by randomized workouts with no progress other than heavier, more and faster reps?
  • Finished with being tied to a gym to exercise, and ready to get out in the real world where fitness happens?
  • Want to master the basics of the TACFIT fleet: monkey bars, parallettes, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo-boxes, sandbags, and of course the legendary Clubbell™?

This is an Official Qualification into the “black box” programming of performance enhancement by the “thinking man’s coach” – Scott Sonnon. Scott revolutionized the art and science of movement mastery, and continues to bring motor excellence to each tool and system he renovates with his renowned Circular Strength Training™ System.

  • 1.TACFIT involves 26 Scaled Programs to Meet Every Fitness Need: Be able to Address Any Fitness Level in ONE CLASS without Distraction, and in a Specific Integrated Fashion that Gets All Members Motivating Each Other.
  • 2.TACFIT has the Best Time Sensitive Execution: 20 Minutes / Class! In a Fast-Paced World, the Most Expedient Results Producing Program Wins!
  • 3. Equipment Requires Virtually NO Space! TACFIT is a near-Zero Real Estate Exercise Class!
  • 4.TACFIT Equipment can be Stored in a Group Ex Studio Closet to Allow Fast Class Rotation!
  • 5. Completely Portable: TACFIT can be Stored in a Backpack for Outside Private Training or Fitness Field Trips.
  • 6. TACFIT Total Equipment Investment Costs less than the Price of One Average Treadmill!
  • 7. TACFIT Video Reference Guides can be Reviewed in Minutes to Prepare Staff to Teach Class!
  • 8. TACFIT Classes can be Taught with Nearly NO Fatigue to Instructors (who must only demonstrate the initial techniques); This means More Classes with Less Effort (Compare with Group Ex Leaders facing Fatigue and Overtraining from Participation.) Two Classes / Hour with 20-40 Members @ $10-25 class fee = an average profit of $1,050.00 / Hour
  • 9. Programs are Optimally Rotated for Peak Performance Planning - NO Thought Required by Instructors.
  • 10. Follow the 26 Program Plan and Clients will NEVER Become Bored due to the Fascinating Variety of Unique Movements in TACFIT
  • 11. TACFIT Originates from Martial Art and Combat Athletics which will Attract Many New Niche Markets: Security Teams, Martial Art Teams, Fire Brigades, Police Departments, Military Units.
  • 12. TACFIT is an Optimal Design for Sport Teams such as Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Rugby, Hockey, etc.
  • 13. Due to the Metabolic Conditioning and High Intensity Interval Effect, TACFIT Forges the Ideal Physique: Fat Smelting Furnace and Muscle Building Natural Steroid-like Effect.
  • 14. TACFIT doesn’t require a Build-out or Additional Zoning Code Approvals.
  • 15. TACFIT won’t damage your floor surfaces!
  • 16.TACFIT will leave your clients exhilarated and energized!

From participants of the previous TACFIT Certification Courses:

“I personally needed to see Coach Sonnon perform the exercises he created & why he put them in the order that he did. It will be a great value to know I am performing functional opposite as I work out.”- Lynette Reilly, CST Coach, Bellingham Athletic Club

“I have learned that the TACFIT program is ideal for myself as a firefighter. The ability to work near maximal heart rate and recover quickly directly affects my performance on the fire ground.” - Ryan Provencher, CST, Bellingham Fire Dept

“I’m highly motivated to elevate my own TACFIT practice and bring it to as many people as possible. ” - Jeffry Larson, CST Head Coach, US Army

“Great seminar. I love TACFIT and now I have a much better understanding of the science behind the program. I know it works based upon my own personal results with training but this course is going to help me teach others. The COACHES ARE GREAT. ENGAGING & FUN and have the uncanny ability to immediately recognize an athlete’s deficiency and immediately give training cues to better performance.” - Christian Carson, CST, Captain, Bellingham Fire Dept

“Even though I’ve been teaching TACFIT for a year I really came away with a lot of new knowledge.” - Aaron Gottschalk, CST Coach, Bellingham Athletic Club

“This is what I have been looking for in a group exercise course. It was challenging but I don’t feel beat up. I have many physical issues due to 9 years of military and 8 years of martial arts so this has been the first challenging workout in which I feel better at the end.” - Kyle Rourke, CST

“TACFIT is spoon-fed gold to the tactical community and beyond. I gained 8 lbs of muscle within 3 months doing TACFIT!” - Robert Canale, Jr., CST

“An excellent and comprehensive seminar overall.” - James Lee, CST

“Having been to many courses between fitness & physical therapy, I am very scrupulous about which I choose. I am very happy with my decision to pursue TACFIT, not only for my fitness clients, but certain principles highly correlate with my therapy practice as well. Thank you RMAX ” - Bob Budai

“I am so impressed with the instructors and the information that I took away from the last couple days. I personally was challenged in a way that I have not been challenged in a long time. Professionally I gained a wealth of knowledge that I can take back to the fire fighters that I train. The progression in the program is perfect for the type of groups that I train, as they can all sit at different physical fitness levels. It was amazing.” - Kelly LaBounty, CST

“Excellent seminar. Really liked the explanations of tactical application.” - Nathan Cragg, US Army