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 Tacift one to one with Diego Core Head Coach


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TACFIT training comes to London

TACFIT is made up of 26 training sessions (Alpha to Zulu ). Employing a variety of primal equipment, from gym rings and Clubbells, to kettlebells and parallettes, each session differs in intensity and emphasis from the last, manipulating the body’s energy systems to catalyse incremental fitness gains, while avoiding the potential injuries and central nervous system burnout associated with other, Unlike some other group training systems, these workouts are meticulously planned and periodised – they are not random!

Each 20 minute TACFIT workout trains the body in a different way – one may emphasize short bursts of whole body pulls and ballistic lower body exercises, the next session may concentrate on longer periods of weighted squats, bodyweight presses and complex movement drills.

This means that as you progress through the sessions, you will see your strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness and body composition improve. And all without the risk of injury associated with other methods. TACFIT will get you stronger, faster, leaner and more agile than ever before.

There are four broad levels of challenge within each TACFIT session. These levels are determined not only by weight of implement used, but also by the complexity of the movement prescribed. In this way, you will progress from basic bodyweight drills such as the frog press, to mastery of high level movements such as the swinging plank

Your performance (repetitions, rounds, work rate etc) will also be carefully logged and recorded. At the beggining of new TACFIT programme you will repeat the initial test. This will provide a benchmark of the progress you have made since first entering the TACFIT programme.

Now you can see why many consider TACFIT to be among the most sophisticated group training systems in the world. Designed to prepare tactical operations teams for the unpredictable demands of action in the shortest possible space of time while minimising the risk of injury.